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Have a cup of tea: DOFUS Cup 2019 has started! There is no storm in the teacup! Dofus Kamas is waiting for you.

After organizing two seasons of tournaments by the KTA (Crossmores Championships Arena), it is now the arrival of the 2019 DOFUS Cup! The best 16 teams in each season - meaning up to 32 of them - have already qualified for this DOFUS Cup final.

Game format
This is a team consisting of teams, each team consisting of three players. It will be divided into two phases:

In the qualifiers, 512 teams will face each other in the turn-based system in Switzerland (16 in total).

At the end of these rounds, 32 teams will be selected and they will face the other 32 pre-selected teams in the KTA season during the classic knockout stage. In the final stage, the game will be won in BO3.

Date to remember

Thursday, October 17th: Registration begins.
Wednesday, October 23: The deadline for registration.

Sunday, November 3
6 pm (Paris time): first round
8pm (Paris time): second round

Tuesday, November 5
8pm (Paris time): Round 3
10 pm. (Paris time): Round 4

Thursday, November 7
8pm (Paris time): Round 5
10 pm. (Paris time): Round 6

Saturday, November 9
6 pm (Paris time): Round 7
8pm (Paris time): Round 8
10 pm. (Paris time): Round 9

Tuesday, November 12
8pm (Paris time): Round 10
10 pm. (Paris time): Round 11

Thursday, November 14
8pm (Paris time): 12th round
10 pm. (Paris time): thirteenth round

Sunday, November 17
6 pm (Paris time): Round 14
8pm (Paris time): Round 15
10 pm. (Paris time): Round 16

The final stage:
Saturday, November 23
7pm (Paris time): first round 64

Sunday, November 24
7pm (Paris time): second round 64

Tuesday, November 26
7pm (Paris time): 32 strong

Thursday, November 28
7pm (Paris time): Round 16

Sunday, December 1
7pm (Paris time): Quarterfinals

Tuesday, December 3
7pm (Paris time): first place in the semi-finals

Wednesday, December 4
7pm (Paris time): Second half of the final

Sunday, December 8
5 pm (Paris time): Final

Cash prize
This income will include a portion of the revenue generated for the products specifically sold for the occasion.

The competition will continue until the quarter-finals, after which two semi-finals and finals will be held on the official Ankama Live Twitch channel (for French-speaking countries) and partner channels (for speakers in other languages).

Do you think you are one of the best PvP players now? Already demonstrating this by winning the DOFUS Cup! If you don't participate in the competition, I hope that the Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro that I have prepared for you will make you feel better.
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